Roof Pump Setup And Parts You Need

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Alright, so I wanna show you this in pieces versus on the truck. It's hard to show sometimes on the truck, but the first thing we have to hear you can do it two ways.

This is a seven down a minute pump, you can get smaller, there's a five and a half down if you wanna go a little bit cheaper. This one here's about, I believe it's like 200 a...

I do 200. for this pump, you can't go cheaper, you can get a smaller pump for 8-00 can do a 55 gallon per minute, so it works. Just, Destin, here is 100 psi. I do like going to 100 psi.

Here's the box for here, if you could see it here, but I... You don't care about that. So do you wanna know how to play it?

So if you wanna know how to wire it, check out my other video right up here I will show you how to war and I will also have that video at the end that you will be able to... And I do a detailed thing of how to wire a root pump. So was that being said? We're gonna start out with our suction first, our section line is going to be, I always use three-quarter-inch suction lines, for this, and the reason why is it will flow better, and if you... You use half that going out, but I use three quarter coming in... And this helps flow max of that pump because we're giving that pump the most that it needs to be able to keep flowing.

So with that being said, we use hard section, I'll have all the links below either in either in the description or there'll be a page on my pressure washing training, and all of the links will be in there, but... So I use hard suction.

Three-quarter inch you will need a three-quarter inch barbed to half inch and PT and PT on the paper, it's got an arrow right here showing that it flows in this wind flows out.

So with that, you just screw the half inch a three-quarter to half engine there and you put that on there, up in the description right here, I'll have another video of how you can get these on here. Sometimes I was used plastic. You can use brands, but brass will rock and it all deteriorate and break a plastic. On the other hand, it'll get brittle to and break but it usually tends to last a lot longer. I try to get the scheduled 8 fittings, here, and that usually tends to help do it, longer, but with the classic they don't like to slide in very good.

So what you wanna do is heat it up and I allow it to come on here in A... You can check out my other video if you need further but I take a heat gun, you can stick it into tail pipe and get that hot.

You don't wanna tell a date, just break, but you want it warm enough so that you can... I usually try to lubricate the plastic and it'll just slide on there. It's pretty tight that hard.

The next thing you wanna do is is put the tape on here.

I tried this in here. Now, warning do not over tighten this, right here, if you over-take this here, you will crack it right here and feet bracket there, it will not work on my section hot, I try to go basically straight from pump into host right in the tank.

If you're gonna have problems with all it takes is just any of these, like sometimes this vibrate loose and it don't take much and you lose suction, and then it won't work.

So was that me and said? The next thing I do is, is I come out through my pressure side right, I hear and you can either use a 90 or a straight... I just had a 90.Their hand inch by half inch you screw them in there, they're like, that a way.

And again, you wanna use threat tape and you don't wanna over time over time in a, in the...

You will break them.

So East through that in there now I, there's some guys and I may try it I may not act in an do one thing, neurobiolo.

So the next thing is, is your pressure hose you can use two different types, you can use all times of different houses. This year is the... And shoot, I can I think for a time I put the ring on here in the bottom my letters 'cause I'm getting it wrong.

And then you also have the reinforced hose this house after time will break down faster than this house but this house here, it's hard on your hand you back got a work gloves by the time you get "sarmiento ITER than on your hands and that and this is rubbing it will do that.

Talking about that.

I remember guys, we are using... So I record belief in the...

I don't get this stuff is dangerous. So make sure your years and good hoses and good stuff because if it blows out and get in your eye, it can make you go bid and it can be bad on you. So remember, chemical safety is very important. I always remember that this stuff that you're playing with is not just A... And you don't drink it, like some people that I know in the industry and tried to show you to do it, but we don't do that.

So these are two types of houses. Some people are actually starting to use. The Flex agree of 5 toes.

I mean I'm not against it, that stuff.

The Tate it does, it does... All right, and I've had pretty good luck down a bit. Out of a water hose a... So what that mean, said the next thing I... So I'm gonna show you two different ways here.

So what I do is on a lot of my pumps and even my husband, I have my pressure line coming here, and it goes over to where my house really is.

And with that being said, I have a quick connect on it, I screw my quick connect in there and I have a quick connect on my real house. Or if you just winding it up. And what that does is it allows me to break this.

Sometimes, if you have all that hose on there, it takes a hard time to, I bleed these off or to get the air out of them, to get them prime, so that's why it's nice to have a short thing here that I can do it. And actually, so what I do sometimes is because this is on my truck, what I do is I put this down here, I shot off found, and then I put this on there, in that way, I got a shuttle valve to keep it from running out of my truck.

So what I do is, as it comes out here, right here and goes into this quick connect mouth from that quick connect mouth, I hook it on to the the other side of that where it's gonna go in here and he goes to this right here.

You can use this small valve.

I kind of went to these ball outs, and you can put a pipe out here and make them a little bit nicer farther away or so you take a three-quarter to corner at through it in there, take your quick connect holder in Quick Connect, and screw it in there. And of course, he's gonna take all this and then we got a day right here so that way I can spray it on the roof.

So that's gonna go to the right to my system and that's the basics of a root pulp.

Now, there is one other thing we can do here. I'm here, and that is Go from My pressure line here from our press on in here, and it's gonna go to a thing called accumulator is, I'll put a picture in it on the video, what accumulator is and what that does is evil, the pressure to build up in there, and it keeps this pump from running so much. We don't use it, but we probably should. I have used it in the past, I just decided that I I don't know, I just didn't do 'em. There are about 100 bucks, and it's one of those things that I probably should be using it, but I don't... With that being said, these pumps here I know people say, "Well why don't you just go to error, why don't you go to booster these come for 200 at the this pumps right here, these tools in a going on cheaper, you can... Don't have to pay a dollar for it, it but I can get a whole lot of these pumps for the same price of the bigger pumps.

You're talking 1800-2000, some more that... And so that's why I can get a of these pumps.

Now, I go through about one or two. A year, so a, you do the next I butt.

So like I said, I... We just got half an is here and then Alan here and, like I said, you can actually take a bill as a flex grill, a garden house and stick on here too, and make a fitting that will actually just pop in here and that with your darkest I hope that helps you out.

I'll do a diagram too, if that might help you out, I'll put it in that I'll have it in my video here. We're all having on the website down below.

Actually that's probably where I'll put it. Is the website down below it'll be pressure. Washington training probably roof claim, and that's where I'll have both how or a roof pump and how to build a roof pump and I'll just put it all on one page, in that way, it'll make it easier that way, but if you have any questions less, I hope you all have a great day. And like I say, I'm here to help you grow and to make your business better and successful if you need any marketing, help.

Check me out. Or signed anything like that? Hope you have a great day, thanks.

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